Today, PiCo Design still sells a great many items under the PiCo Design Brand, one of the best-known of these being the Canadian made Field and Level Books which is virtually unchanged since it was introduced. Triangular scales and drafting instruments are still produced in Germany and Board Cover material in Denmark.

More recent additions in the artists' materials field come from Taiwan and Sri Lanka, but PiCo also distributes the output of such well-known companies as Safco/Planhold, Chartpak, Clearprint, Artograph and Scalex in the United States and CretacoloR in Austria.

It is the company's aim to provide the best from around the world, efficiently and at a fair price. As well, they pride themselves on being second to none in customer service and, because of its insistence on quality, PiCo is able to offer a limited one-year warranty on most of the products we carry.

It is the variety of its offerings that make PiCo Design  the ideal 100% Canadian supplier to its loyal customer base: almost a one-stop shopping centre!

  • Service
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Delivery
  • Diversity  
PiCo Design strives to provide the best in the business!